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15 Simple Mehndi Designs For The Admiring Hands Of The Princesses

Written by Henna Designer
Mehndi designs for kids: Admiring hands of the princess
15 simple Mehndi designs for kids 2018


Hey, I am back with the latest mehndi design for kids 2018 for your kid’s hand and hope so you will love and give try to one of these designs. You know that henna, one of the most important parts of girl’s preparations for events but know kids also adopting this. It always is difficult to draw designs on kid’s hand which are complicated. So you give try to some old fashion Tikki style which does not make any difference. Therefore we decided to give you a collection of some beautiful, simple mehndi designs for your kid’s hand.

These designs lie under the Pakistani traditional mehndi designs, due to detail curving and dark designs which add extra beauty to your kid’s hand.

Simple Diagonal mehndi designs for kids:

Diagonal mehndi designs one of the most practiced and common henna design for each age. Childs only persist in drawing on their hand but always in hurry to washed out hands to do other stuff. in these cases, diagonal designs for their backhand is like a gift which not only allows them to do other stuff but also makes their hands beautiful. We suggest you not to stop here but also check our full list of Simple mehndi designs for kids and choose one of them for their child’s hand.
Mehndi designs for kids: The latest simple, mehndi designs for your kids hands.
Simple the best designs.


It’s really really hard for you to satisfy your Childs on what the want and what you draw on their hands so we try to gather some latest Mehndi designs that your Princesses must like and give him a try shoot. The following mehndi design for kids is for palm, with followers and petal starting from the center and move downward to the wrist.

Mehndi Designs for kids: palm design for your princesses little palm.
Followers with petals moving towards the wrist.

Want simple mehndi designs for your little princesses hands, Must give try to the following designs. take less time and give more beauty to his hands.

Mehndi designs for kids: looks odd but its the simple and most easiest design.
Simple, fast and beautiful design.

Pakistan Traditional mehndi designs for kids:

There are a lot of other traditional designs e.g India, Arabic etc no one can beat the beauty of Pakistani traditional mehndi designs for kids. due to his dark and detailed carving peoples like it most. One of the major thing of this design that they are easy to copy.
Mehndi Designs for kids: Why not give try to these Pakistani traditional designs,
Simple Pakistan Traditional designs

Fully covered Hand mehndi designs for kids:

Mom’s always wants to give a different look to their child’s and always in struggle. The following mehndi designs are for the mom to give different looks to their child’s hand. It looks messy one but its simple and fully covered hands with two different designs on both hands.
Mehndi designs for kids: Messy one for your child's hand to give them a unique old look.
Fully covered mehndi designs.

Diagonal Mehndi designs for Kids.

The best simple, beautiful, diagonal mehndi designs start with flowers and petals follow towards the finger with peacock designs with small flowers and petals leaving the major area blank. On fingertips with simple lines and dots. We hope so you would like it for your child’s.


Mehndi designs for kids: For the mom who always wants to try different for their child's.
Simple lines with dotted pattern and flowers.
Another diagonal mehndi designs with Pakistani traditional having dark pattern and color with flowers. With beautiful butterfly wondering over the flowers. On finger, same designs pattern with the addition of dotted lines add more beauty to the design. Still, confuse, take time and check other designs
Mehndi designs for kids: I confused to described.
Another design.
Following is the latest gallery mehndi design including Pakistani traditional to Indo-Arabic cross with Mexican style henna designs for your kid’s hands. take a look and please mention the best design that you like most about comments.
Simple Henna design for kids: its for the back hand with new Tikki designs covering center with finger connected.Simple Mehndi designs for kids: No words to say but simple as possible.Simple Mehndi designs for kids: Old traditional Arabic designs with Goal tikki on plam.


Mickey Mouse Style Mehndi design: 

One of the most favorite cartoon characters “Mickey Mouse”. we include the simple easy to copy Mickey Mouse henna designs. That defiantly give surprise look in the party to your princess’ hand.
simple mehndi designs: Mickey Mouse Style henna design for your kids hand
Mickey Mouse Style

Editor Choice

Each of you has your own choice, I like the following design. Simple dark and up-to-date with latest trends. And one thing I did not force you to choose it. but bet you that you must like our “15 Simple Mehndi Designs for Kids
Simple Mehndi designs for kids: Editor choice design.
Editor Choice

Hope so, That you like our latest mehndi designs for kids hand. Like, share, comment below and let us know which one you like the most.